Transmission Repair

Affordable transmission repair in High Point

At Billy’s Transmissions, we offer the finest vehicle transmission repair in High Point, NC and the surrounding area. We have transmission specialists who have been in this business for decades and they are ready to give your transmission their full attention. Moreover, our transmission repairs come with limited warranties because we are proud to stand beside our work. 

Honest prices and services

We specialize in both automatic and manual transmission repair. For every customer, we are careful to make sure they have an accurate estimate of the repair costs before we even lift a wrench. Our motto is “we price the job before we start,” so that means we have no cards up our sleeves. Feel free to compare us to our competitors, because no one else can offer the kind of experience we have for the price we ask. 
Affordable repair being done on transmission repairs in High Point, NC

Pinpointing your car's problems

After 35 years, nothing surprises us about transmissions anymore. That means you do not have to worry about any surprises either. It is our privilege to provide high quality and affordable transmission repair to you. No matter what transmission frustrations you are dealing with, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands with us. 

Top-quality customer service

If you are experiencing some transmission issues and you are concerned about costs, come on over to Billy’s Transmissions. It would be our pleasure to demonstrate the kind of customer service that has kept us at the top of the transmission service business for 35 years. 

Billy’s Transmissions — no surprises, just repairs! 336-887-1366

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